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China in Box

"China in Box" (2017) is a multi-media installation held in a studio in Casarão das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, at a pop up exhibition. Parodying the name of the largest fast food delivery network in Brazil, the work has an ephemeral character (only exists at the time of the exhibition) and can be dismantled and recreated in another place, incorporating other elements.

I transformed the environment into a delirious scenario in which a video taken in the spaciousness and silence of a Zen Buddhist Monastery joins an inflatable quicksilver sculpture, a landscape painting to the mode of oriental representation, holographic objects and images. Black light, strobe lighting was used together to activate the architectural space and provoke sensations: tactile, thermal, odoric, auditory, visual, disturbing among others.

The work is a collage of experiments that unfold reflections on the cultural intertwines between east and west, between fantasy, fiction and reality.

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