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Encantaria Enchantment, 2018. 3,25” Vídeo de Jacqueline Belotti  (video full screen leve.mp4)

Jacqueline Belotti's “ Encantaria” (enchantment) video deals with forgetting and memory. She speaks of her great-grandmother, Puri, India, left in the invisibility. The artist tells that discovering this ancestry among his family, the desire to rescue this memory, in the form of a fictional documentary, dreamlike, as a story built by the desire to remember something that did not know. In this way, Jacqueline constructed a reality invented to be exhibited in the event Hidden Nature, through the device virtual reality glasses.

The images connect the Amazon forest to the urban forest of Prainha, in Rio de Janeiro, to talk about the trance, the ecstasy, the existence of other worlds parallel to the material world and women shamans. Although women's bodies and minds are especially endowed with the power of transcendence, the role of women in the shamanistic traditions of various cultures and times has been obscured and denied. Thus, the video "Enchant" brings her great-grandmother as one of these enchanted beings, magical beings who live in the forests, in the shape of an Indian girl.

O vídeo será exibido na exposição Natureza Escondida, a se realizar na Reserva Ambiental Municipal da Prainha, em torno da semana do Meio Ambiente - 8 a 10 de junho de 2018. 
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