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Mirroring the City Project


 It's a photo archive taken in mirrors wherever I go, in different parts of the world. This file is now shared and hopes can also count on your look, include the look of other, all people, and other artists. I was inspired by the strategies of Yoko Ono of the Fluxus movement, which proposed a series of simple instructions influenced by Zen Buddhism by encouraging viewers to perform acts.

For various reasons the mirror fascinates me, and for the history of art, especially painting, it is a central object in the analysis.

But the text Other Spaces - Michel Foucaul, is remarkable for me. In it, Foucault speaks of mirrors as simultaneously a Utopia, roughly (that which is never achieved) and develops the concept of Heterotopia, which are the spaces of what has no place, of the different, of the useless, in fact, of art.

The idea is to register mirages, vertigo, traces, fleeting apparitions that appear in the mirrors and offer other possibilities to our gaze. Unravel the fantastic shape of the clouds, the shadows, or what you are believed to have seen.

It happens in social networks,




You are invited, follow the instructions:

1- Find a mirror in the city.

(look for the convex rounds at the corners, at the entrance to the garages, on the mirrored facades of the buildings, or even in your bag you can have one)


2- Choose the best mirror image. Shoot!


3- Share here! #espelhandoacidade


"You are what you share!" Do not save just for yourself.

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