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Amazon as Pound Land

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2014

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2014. Foto: Jacqueline Belotti

Rio Tapajós, 2017. Projeto #Flutuar  Foto: Bárbara Marcel

"Dance of the Savages", interpreted by Jean Baptiste Debret (1834), and included in the series of documentary paintings of the "Picturesque Journey to Brazil"

To understand the project, I point out that the Amazon, the target of global greed, has been suffering heavy investments from China. This new economic flow has been causing profound changes in local communities.
To address this reality, I bought disposable materials in London at the Chinese retail chain'Pound Land`, which sold everything for £ 1 and transported them to the Amazon. Proceeding in this way, the idea was to draw a parallel with what happened in the Amazon today - its transformation into "Pound Land" according to the Chinese model.

In addition, I explored the local mythology proposing to recreate the myths according to the imagination of the children, using these materials that I transported. Masks, geometries, feathers in faery colors blended indigenous patterns, foreshadowing the upcoming cultural war.

My project is to expand the construction of works that intercept geometries and abstractions and explore images and technology of this cultural encounter. By relying on Mario de Andrade, among so many current thinkers, I continue to allow contamination and exploit unfolding in the context in which I work.

In this work, the world as "Pound Land", the purpose was to work with the imaginary about Brazil, constructed by a Europeanized view, from the painting "Dance of the Savages", interpreted by Jean Baptiste Debret (1834), and included in the series of documentary paintings of the "Pitoresque Travel to Brazil". Debret praises the taste of the natives, emphasizing "the symmetrical regularity of the lines of their tattoos," comparing them to the imitations of the military garb of the Europeans. "

Below, the images of this painting of Debret and the actions in the Amazon. 

I focus on my production the post-colonial cultural cross between East and West. My works articulate ideals between neoconcretism and mysticism, exploring juxtapositions of geometric shape and color.


The history of global economic flows and colonization build my particular mental architecture, including the imagination to recount the official history. I explore electronic media, intertwining painting, sculpture in the landscape, and the public is the promoter of ephemeral actions.
They are metaphors, in cultural terms, of the utopian desire to construct 'points' in cultural terms, where there are borders.

• The project #flutuar consisted of a boat trip through the Arapiuns, Tapajós and Amazonas Rivers, organized by Martha Niklaus, with the participation of Juliana Harari, Sérgio Harari, Bia Medeiros, Lívia Flores, Barbara Marcel, Jana Glatt, Guilherme Rozembaum , Elio Grossman, Fernando Grossman, Juliano Grossman, Nelson Pfefer, André Pfefer, Hermano and Isabel Balleste, and Jacqueline Belotti.

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